Meet Kathy Clifford   

With a career’s worth of direct leadership experience, Kathy is widely known as a corporate coach specializing in team relationships. Often referred to as a treasured ‘team doctor,’ she moves beyond canned solutions to jump in, assess your team’s unique position, and coach the entire team to develop healthier relationships that lead directly to high-performance results.  Since it is through collaboration that businesses innovate, Kathy’s coaching services which lead to improved communication and enhanced collaboration are in high demand. She caters to those clients dedicated to investing in and developing of an active culture where employees are respected and empowered to serve the best interests of the organization. Satisfied clients with teams working in strong relationships, include:

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation


Seattle Genetics

Domaine Chandon

Microsoft Corporation

Nike, Inc.



Abbott / Abbvie

Kathy Clifford brings over 20 years of direct leadership, executive coaching, and team relationship expertise to her consulting practice. She is renowned for her candid yet compassionate communication methodology which cultivates safe and trusting environments for transparency and truth telling to quickly emerge.

Motivated by results, Kathy says “Laying this groundwork sets the stage for monumental changes to occur. My greatest reward is leading clients to conversations that would not have occurred without our working together. I see team members feel immediately and genuinely accepted for their uniqueness, and employers are rewarded with a larger quotient of their energy and commitment.”