Accelerated Success

In this 7-week course designed for ambitious individuals to realize more fulfilling success, you’ll learn new practices that will equip and enable you to turn your visions into new realities—much sooner than later.

Get started creating a future you’ve only been able to dream about until now, with the help of an in-demand business coach who’s known for delivering high-performance results with clients worldwide. In this course, Kathy Clifford turns her corporate expertise toward your personal goals.

Join a dynamic circle of people who (like you) dream of realizing their most profound desires. Discover the secrets of rapid and sustainable success through seven interactive, virtual workshops that include tools and resources for action.

What you can expect from this program:

  • Clearly define your personal vision and definition of success.
  • Map out a realistic and disciplined action plan to achieve your vision.
  • Establish practices to set intentions, see new possibilities and receive unexpected support.
  • Clarify your deepest core purpose to align heart and actions.
  • Find and lean into core strengths to persevere through periods of doubt or fear.
  • Create authentic and organized ways to communicate your vision and network support.
  • Bring together plans, habits, action and non-action to sustain your energy over time.