High Performance Team

Simple Six: Success Factors of High-Performing Teams 

The speed of business is not slowing down; new teams, team leaders and re-orgs have very little time to bond—business isn’t going to wait. When you’re developing your team and creating your norms, everyone needs to quickly learn to get along and become a high-performing group of individuals committed to working together as a trusted team.

To accelerate the creation of mutual trust, engage in Kathy’s High Performing Team Programs. With her trademark personal touch, Kathy custom-tailors her workshop for what’s currently happening within your team. This way, all workshop learning can be applied to real-life scenarios ‘in the moment’ to help everyone on your team:

  • Create and interact within a platform of trust
  • Understand and identify different communication styles
  • Increase awareness and tolerance of each other’s various work styles
  • Enhance acceptance and appreciation of diverse ways of communicating
  • Learn concrete strategies for adapting your approach to get better results

Kathy’s workshops are highly interactive, enabling participants to develop ‘muscle-memory learning’ so that cohesiveness comes quickly, naturally and effortlessly within your team’s subsequent day-to-day interactions.