Leadership Team Coaching

Team and Leaders:  Relationship Coaching

Is there someone you need to work with who you just don’t understand? Is it like they’re speaking another language?

Some people value differences and use them to strengthen their relationships. Others can’t get past what they see as conflicting styles, turning differences into barricades to progress. Dysfunctional relationships only slow progress and sabotage good business practices.

Kathy believes if you have a vested interest in improving a relationship, she can help you and your partners. Her coaching is insightful, purposeful and actionable, focusing on the Platinum Rule of ‘doing unto others as they would receive.’ She helps you learn to understand leadership and communication styles, so that you can easily and fluidly:

  • Adapt your own communications to get better results
  • Influence co-leaders without manipulating them
  • Authentically be yourself while honoring others
  • Enhance trust and collaborative performance
  • Enjoy a greater level of personal fulfillment

If you want to break out of old patterns and find new approaches for achieving short and long-term success with your immediate team then click the link below to:


“Thank you for the thoughts you’ve helped me to focus. You are truly amazing and should use your talents to help others like me, who are struggling. You’ve made a really positive impact on my thinking and in my life.
I hope only the best for you. That you’d be positioned and doors opened for others to receive the encouragement you’ve brought to me.
Please keep doing this.”

Scott Crump – Senior Director Global Product Integrity, Nike